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Maintaining your plumbing system is essential for preventing minor clogs from escalating into major repairs. When large blockages occur in your sewer, rooter service clears them out quickly and effectively. Think you need rooter services from a Denver plumber? Keep reading to learn the signs of a clogged sewer and how to know if you need rooter services.

What Is Rooter Service?

In the past, rooter service referred to clearing blockages in your sewer lines caused by tree root intrusion. Today, rooter service involves removing all sorts of drain blockages using a variety of tools and methods.

Rooter service involves using multiple tools and methods to clear blockages. These may include:

  • Hydro-jetting
  • Drain snaking
  • Removing sections of pipe to clear clogs

How Do I Know if I Need Denver Rooter Services?

Removing blockages in your home's indoor plumbing pipes are often DIY jobs that won't require rooter service. These blockages typically only affect one fixture. For example, if only your bathtub is clogged, there's no need to start searching the internet for "rooter service in Denver" just yet. (However, if the blockage is really stubborn, call your local Denver plumber and we'll be happy to come out!)

If several drains in your home are affected, chances are you've got a major blockage somewhere. These blockages often occur as a result of tree root intrusion. Tree roots searching for warmth, water, and nutrients will grow toward your plumbing pipes. Some tree root systems are strong enough to fracture your sewer pipes and grow into them.

Here are 3 signs that tree roots have invaded your plumbing pipes and are causing damage:

  • Frequent and unexplained clogs
  • Gurgling drains
  • Slow draining

Did you know some tree species are more likely to cause root intrusion than others? Check out our blog post to discover the best and worst trees for tree root intrusion.

Tree root intrusion isn't the only cause of large blockages. Hair, soap scum, grease, and non-flushable items that accumulate in your pipes can all cause major blockages over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rooter Service

How does rooter service work?

Rooter service typically involves the use of a rooter machine. This tool cuts through blockages using a sharp blade attached to the end of a long cable. Rooter service is effective and minimally invasive. Then, if necessary, we'll conduct a video pipeline inspection to locate a large blockage or potential issues with your line. At that time, we can recommend the appropriate repair method if the problem is bigger than just a blockage.

Hydro-jetting — a method that uses pressurized water to remove blockages and clean the pipes — may also be recommended.

How often should sewer lines be cleaned?

Have your sewer line cleaned once every 18 to 22 months. This maintenance schedule keeps your sewer system in top shape and helps prevent major sewer repairs.

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