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Swamp Cooler Services Near Denver, Arvada & Aurora

Swamp coolers are fantastic options to keep your home cool as they do not consume much energy in comparison to other kind of coolers. At Golden West, we can help you find one that will best suit the requirements of your home. Swamp coolers use water pads to cool the air, and these pads must be changed regularly. The filters may also get clogged from time to time, making it essential for you to have them checked every once in a while. Whether it is the installation, repairs, or maintenance of swamp coolers, you can be assured of quality service when you choose us.

Swamp Cooler Installation and Repairs in Denver and Surrounding Areas

We have undertaken swamp cooler installations, repairs, and maintenance checks, start-ups and shut-downs for Denver, Aurora, and Arvada residents since 2002. At Golden West, we aim to provide our customers with the best solutions. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed with the technical skills and experience to deal with several different kinds of swamp coolers. They go about their work in a courteous and ethical manner.

When our technicians come to your home to fix your swamp cooler, they will provide you with an estimate of the cost before starting work so that you can decide whether or not you still want to proceed with our services. We are among the best companies in Denver, Aurora, and Arvada, due to the quality of service we provide along with our affordable pricing.

Call For Swamp Cooler Installation and Repair Services in Denver, Arvada, and Aurora

Looking for a reliable service provider to have your swamp cooler installed or repaired? Our expert staff will be ready to help you out as soon as you give us a call.